Bonide Puts Consumer Plant Problems Under the Microscope

Bonide dealers will have a new way to look at consumer plant problems in 2015. The new Bonified Expert Diagnostic Center is available to retailers who purchase any of eight regionalized Bonified Expert assortments.

The Expert Diagnostic Center includes a 220X video microscope, a video monitor, and the new Bonified Expert Problem Solver, a tablet based diagnostic tool with a unique “By Plant” database of plant problems. In addition, the Expert Diagnostic Center includes a professional grade soil pH tester, signage and identifying POP, and a Bonide website listing telling consumers that the store is a participating Bonified Expert Diagnostic Center store.

Bundling the Bonified Expert Diagnostic center with Bonide’s new Basic or Expert Drop and Shop Turf Care Program, or the new Bonide Animal Health Care Basic or Expert programs can further enhance the benefits that the retailer receives for purchasing the programs together. Bundling 2 programs can net retailers up to $5,500 in free products, advertising and merchandising materials.

Early indications are that the Bonified Expert Diagnostic Center success will eclipse the incredible success of the Bonide Touch Screen Problem Solver program launched in 2011 which is now available in thousands of retailers across the US.

For more information on the Bonified Expert Diagnostic Center contact your local Bonide Territory Manager or go to the Bonide website: .

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