BurnOut®II Natural Contact Herbicide Joins Bonide’s Growing Portfolio of Products

Bonide’s list of products has been further expanded to include the BurnOut®II brand of non-selective weed controls formerly owned by St. Gabriel’s Laboratories. Bonide concluded the purchase of BurnOut II in early October, and will be maintaining current products. The current 24 oz. Ready to Use formulation will now be packed as a full quart size – a 33% increase in size. BurnOut II works extremely quickly to control weeds with a combination of natural ingredients including acetic acid and clove oil. Bonide is working with current and future distributors to insure an improved flow of products to the marketplace. Expanded label language and regulatory changes are being considered to allow for more uses in the agricultural and homeowner arenas.

BurnOut II will be available from most current distributors and will also be available through the Bonide Drop Ship program for all qualifying dealers.

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