With Captain Jack’s Brew, Bugs Are Through!

Captain Jack logoIn the ruins of a rum distillery on a lush tropical island, Spinosad® insecticide, one of the most effective natural insect control products, was discovered. Spinosad is the active ingredient in the Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew line of products from Bonide. Taking their cue from the intriguing story of the discovery of Spinosad, Bonide has created a whimsical name for this extremely effective line of insect control products.

Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew products bring this widely-used agricultural product to store shelves where consumers can choose from a number of product formulations to suit their needs. Ready-to- use products make spot application of Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew easy and fast. Ready-to-spray products offer the convenience of a hose-end applicator with the economy of a concentrated product. Concentrates provide consumers with the most economical way to apply Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew to large areas. This year Bonide’s proprietary new Captain Jack’s Flower and Vegetable Dust products have arrived just in time to replace rotenone and Dipel dust in the marketplace. The dust product controls a wider range of insects than some chemically-based products such as Sevin®.

Insects controlled by Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew products include Japanese Beetles, caterpillars, thrips, spider mites and a host of other destructive plant pests. Captain Jack’s is safe to use on edible crops within days of harvest to protect against late season insect pests. Hard-to-control insect pests on ornamental plants including bagworms, borers, spider mites and tent caterpillars are easily controlled using Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew products.

As with all pesticide products, consumers should read and follow the label instructions and only use Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew products in accordance with the label directions.

If you’re looking for a line of truly effective, natural insect control product which is approved by the EPA for organic gardening, look to Bonide’s Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew products.

Remember: “With Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew, Bugs are through!”

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