Always Read and follow label instructions before using.

Use clean equipment in good working order. Bonide’s Auto Mix Hose end sprayer, or Pump and Spray pressure sprayer are both good choices. PG and OS both come with our Twist and Shoot hose end applicator that adjusts for tall tree spraying or low “fan” type spray patterns for berries.

Spray when there is no wind. Avoid the hot periods of the day and direct sunlight. Do not spray when plants are in full bloom.

Pay attention to periods of rapid growth and re-apply as needed. Mix and use only what you need. Wear the protective clothing recommended on the label. Avoid spray drift to other plants or property.

Follow label instructions for disposal of left over spray, sprayer rinse and empty containers. Store products properly, and in their original containers.  
Do not spray stressed plants. If unsure, do a test application to a few limbs only and observe for ill effects (24-48 hrs).

Spray to cover tops and bottoms of foliage, fruits, limbs and trunks all to the point of dripping off.

3 teaspoons = 1 Tablespoon (T),   2 T = 1 oz.,   16 oz. = 1 Pt.   

Approximate amount of spray required for fruit trees of different sizes.

Product listing with abreviation

Height (in Feet) Spread (in Feet) Gallon per Tree per Application1
5 to 8
8 to 10
10 to 15
15 to 20
3 to 6
4 to 8
8 to 15
15 to 25
1 to 1.5
2 to 3
3 to 6
5 to 10
1 Use the greater amounts for trees in full foliage.