The following series of spray schedules are intended to provide a general recommendation of what Bonide products to use and when to use them for healthy fruit production.

Attention: These schedules are generalized guidelines. Always read and follow each product label. Each label provides specific instructions that must be adhered to.

Bonide has designed three all-purpose products specifically for home fruit production.

1.)    Fruit Tree and Plant Guard (PG)
2.)    A complete Fruit Tree Spray (FTS)
3.)    Citrus Fruit Nut & Orchard Spray (OS)

Each of these products will control most insects, diseases and mites that attack fruit.

Why three products? Three distinctly different chemistries are recommended to provide the tools necessary for pest control by preventing insect and disease resistance. Each product label has specific instructions for how long you must wait from the last application to when you can harvest. Each label limits how many total applications you can make, and how frequently you can make them. Multiple product options prevent any gaps in protection.  

In general, we recommend a dormant application of All Seasons Horticultural Oil and Copper Fungicide to treat over wintering insects and disease. Prevention is a critical part of successful fruit growing.

Next we suggest a regular 5-14 day spray schedule that alternates between PG and FTS, until blossom bloom at which time we suggest no spraying to protect pollinators. After bloom, resume the alternating schedule and work in OS.   

Your final application should be OS, as that product allows you to spray right up to 1 day before harvest.

Monitor your plants and supplement your normal spray schedule with whatever is called for should unanticipated pest outbreaks occur.

Post-harvest treatments should be applied as needed.