Spray Schedule

Plant Stage

Insects and Diseases

Products to use [ ] = A Garden Naturals Product


scale insects, overwintering insects and disease

[AS], [BN], [S], [GR] 1x/month though harvest

Petal fall

aphids, thirps, mites, scale, whitefly, armyworm, fireworm, leafroller, plum curculio, bacterial canker, mildew, rust, blights, leafspots (if present)

[OS], [CJ] or [E] for insects only

After bloom

Same as above, plus blueberry maggot and Japanese beetle (if a problem)

[OS], [CJ] for insects, [CS] or [S] for disease only Captan or Fung-onil for mummy berry & anthracnose of blueberries

Dormant: Before bud break. Petal fall: 75% petals have dropped. After bloom: 7 to 10 days after petal fall.