Spray Schedule

Plant Stage

Insects and Diseases

Products to use [ ] = A Garden Naturals Product

Bud break

rose scale, anthracnose, cane blight, spur blight

[AS], [BN], [OS] [GR] 1x/month through harvest

During bloom

Botrytis fruit rot, powdery mildew, anthracnose, spur blight, grey mold

Captan, [CS], [S]

No insecticide used during bloom to protect bees.


Cane borer, Japanese beetle, green June beetle

[AS], [OS], [BN]

Pre-harvest through Harvest

spotted wing drosophila, armyworm, loopers, sawfly, leafroller, fruitworm

[CJ] or [E] for insects only, [CS] for disease only


Japanese beetle, cane borer

[OS] supplement with Captan or [CS] for disease control if necessary

Bud break: When buds begin to break and show silver. Pre-harvest: As fruit begin to color.