Most gardeners appreciate wildlife, until they start helping themselves to produce and your hard work. Fencing may be your best way to deal with animals. However, Bonide Product Solutions can help you. The chart below includes common animal problems along with the Bonide Solution.


Probable Cause


Bites taken out of produce like cucumbers & tomatoes


Repels All*

Plants eaten to the ground


Go Away Deer & Rabbit Repellant, Repels All*

Damage to plants

Dogs & Cats

Go Away Rabbit/ Dog & Cat Repellent*, Repels All*

Plants disappear all or in part

Pocket Gophers & Voles

MoleMax Repellent*

Plant chewed to soil


Repels All*, Go Away Deer & Rabbit Repellant, Mole Max*, Go Away Rabbit/ Dog & Cat Repellent*

Fruits and Vegetables disappear: cucumbers, corn, tomatoes


Repels All*

Corn eaten off the ears, tomatoes partially eaten, etc.


 Repels All*, Mole Max*, Go Away Deer & Rabbit

Plant chewed to soil

Wood Chuck

Rodent Smoke Bomb

*Product not labeled for direct use on vegetables.